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  Categories:                Medical Center
Series of orthopedic,implant tools,Medical tools,parts series,Cutting and saw blade series,Rotary cutting and shaver blade series

  Categories:               Cutting
Cutting blade\Circular blade,Saw blades,Rotary bur


  Categories:               Holemaking
Drill bits,Reamers,Broach tools,Boring tools

  Categories:               Milling
End mill,Molding Cutter,Face and side milling cutter,Slot cutters,Face cutter,Cylindrical milling cutter,Milling inserts

  Categories:               Turning
Solid turning tool\Brazed,milling cutter,Indexable turning tool,Turning inserts  
  Categories:               Precision parts
Mould\Fixtare,Punch\Punch pin,Machine parts,Jig

  Categories:               Gear cutter
Hob cutter,Gear cutter

  Categories:               Thread cutter
Tap,Thread insert


  Categories:            Round bar\Plate
Round bar\Plate

  Categories:               Other tools
Grinding wheel,other tools


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