High speed cutting tooling series (for high requirement cutting of various materials with HRC°‹66°„)

Adopting advanced power high speed CNC grinder from Germany and Switzerland as well as high precision (3DX technology) grinding of high.
Rough mill
Multi-flute reamer
Mill for high hardness
R angle end mill
Miniature diameter°§Oblique end mill
Special mill (with chamfering)
High precision °§ miniature reamer
High speed °§ high precision °§ miniature mill


Shank Diameter h6 tolerance
Mill diameter tolerance can be up to°ņ0.001mm high

Overall length tolerance
°ņ1/16 (°ņ1.6mm)
High-impact-resistant diamond tungsten steel (for intermittent cutting)
High hardness diamond tungsten steel (for high wear resistance) HRF10/SR10T
Tungsten steel meeting ISO standard (for general machining) PR40/PRA5
High cobalt HSCo8(SKH59), ASP60 German standard

(DIN) series complete grinding (2-flute~6-flute) end milling,
(2-flute~4-flute) ball milling
Type of flute: (standard and non-standard 1-flute~12-flute series mill, reamer): deep groove, round head, end angle R, hollow, oblique flute (tapered), long flute, for aluminum, copper application, chip-dividing groove (for rough mill application)
Mill diameter: (miniature) ¶’0.10mm---¶’53.00mm (solid tungsten steel), ¶’20.00mm--¶’80.00mm (brazing)
Tolerance: (standard and non-standard) tolerance of flute diameter of diamond tungsten steel can be up to °ņ0.001mm (°ņ1¶Őm) high, and tolerance of holder diameter is more than h6.
Helical angle: 0°„,25°„,30°„,35°„,45°„,50°„,55°„,60°„

. Cold-hard machining replacing grinding can improve precision, hard milling replacing grinding can improve efficiency.

(Non-coated diamond steel tooling for high hardness steel machining can replace TiALN coated ultra micro-grain carbide, ceramics. After cutting, CBN tooling has excellent smoothness and lower tooling cost.)
°Ű.Miniature and profile compound tooling can be machined according to drawing or sample.
Top and high quality,
ultra-low price
When placing an order, please indicate: name (flute type) £™ number of flute £™ flute diameter £™ flute length £™ holder diameter £™overall length£™type of shank£™ (inclination) £™ helical angle £™ required tolerance
Material to be machined, Type of machining£¨Super-finish°ķ finish, semi-finish°ķ semi-rough, rough machining°ķ power (heavy) cutting