Ultra micro-grain quality carbide tools series
Lengthen ball nose End Mill(2-4flutes)

°Ű.Ball nose (round nose) lengthen End Mill series by solid ultra micro grain quality carbide(Concentricity°—°‹0.005mm£©
HSC End Mill
°Ů.With excellent rigidity, tooling can conduct highly efficient machining.
°Ů.General\high precision product, surface finish°‹Ra0.15¶Őm.
°Ů.Adopting advanced power high speed CNC grinder to make high precision profile grinding,it has perfect blade quality & precision tolerance.
°Ů.Inclination\number of flute (2-flute~6-flute)\type of holder\helical angle\flute length\holder diameter\overall length etc can be machined according to requirements.
High-speed°§precision depth flute
Large chip flute
Small chip flute
Super ball-nose
old products
Chip flute with large opening
Super ball-nose

old products
Supreme R precision
Length-edge for copper electrode
Ball nose finish mill
Ball nose finish mill
Perfect blade quality
4 Flutes ball nose mill  Inclination ball milling  Ball mill for high-hard
R°ņ0.008mmCenter edge with super
mirror and sharp ball-nose
°Ű.Type of material of solid ultra micro-grain quality carbide tooling and its recommended purpose
°Ô MR11(MR12): ultra micro-grain diamond tungsten steel has excellent wear resistance and ideal impact resistance. It is applicable for high speed low feed machining of various materials with HRC25°„£≠48°„. It is the ideal machining tooling for thermal refining of materials, so it is extensively applied; comparing with general tungsten steel, it has 2-4 times lifetime. Generally it is applied in good and stable working conditions, good part fixture and continuous high speed light cutting. After being coated, it has better result, can machine various materials of HRC60°„. Comparing with £®ISOP15-P30/K15-K30£©, it is often applied in CNC equipment to machine various material (including Ni, Cr, Mo, Si, Ti etc.) that is hard to machine like high temperature alloy\heat-resistant alloy\cast iron of nickel-vanadium-titanium alloy\stainless steel. It is excellent machining tool before heat treatment and after thermal refining. It has excellent high temperature machining and comprehensive performance, and allows higher cutting speed. (general linear speed is °› 120M), low feed is required. The higher the hardness of machining materials, the better the result. Because its toughness is not so good, it is not suitable for continuous cutting or for using under little shaking, jumping condition of insufficient rigidity, otherwise, cutter will be hit or chipping will happen.