Regrinding End Mill

Confirmation of damaged part of cutting edge
For damage caused by rear abrasion, use
coated end mill to machine SUS etc.
For damage caused by crescent depression
abrasion, adopt coated end mill, with
excellent rear abrasion resistance.
For unused cutting edge, leave necessary
length of cutting edge
Grind rear of tooth back
Grind front
Use grinding wheel to grind off used cutting edge
Grind rear of tooth back
Having end plane cutting edge and
bottom edge
1.Grind rear of tooth back
When using cup grinding wheel
Back angle
Using grinding wheel:
Diamond grinding wheel #400-600
When using flat grinding wheel
Grinding wheel

(Installation angle of grinding wheel)
Installation angle of grinding wheel is
obtained by using the following formula:
:Radial back clearance angle of end mill
:Helical angle of end mill
2.Grind front (internal surface of edge)
Using cup grinding wheel
3.Grind end plane cutting edge

2 tooth: flat grinding wheel

Above 3-tooth: cup grinding wheel

4.Grind rear of bottom edge
Using cup grinding wheel

Rear of section 1 (rear of No.2)

Rear of section 2 (rear of No.3)

Attentions in regrinding
1When using brazing end mill and solid end mill, on the condition
that is equivalent to A, B in above-mentioned flow, please regrind
them as early as possible. When tooling is obviously damaged,
regrinding volume is large, and lifetime of tooling after being
regrinded will shorten
2 When regrinding, please use SDC diamond grinding wheel or
      CBNC grinding wheel
3 Back angle before tooth is 18 -10㣬and it is large in small
      -diameter. Besides, it shall be set larger while machining
      aluminum alloy
4When using coated end mill, whether regrinding in C of above
-mentioned flow can be adopted, please study by the actual
situation. In this case, not only rear and front of cutting edge
has residual coating, length of cutting edge shortens, but also
rigidity improves. Therefore, the lifetime of tooling after
regrinding is longer than that before regrinding
5 After regrinding, please test jumping of external cylindrical
      cutting edge (and bottom edge) on V-shaped table. If jumping
      is not exceeding 0.01mm,it is qualified.
 Regrinding of ball-nose end mill
  Can only grind rear, with reduced radius
  After regrinding, have cutter point passivated (strengthened)