Super-hard profile circular cutter series
Super high wear-resistant/super sharp/stainless

Minisize circular cutting tool£¨Super high wear resistant cutting, shearing, impressing of rigid and brittle materials like glass, LD etc.£©
£¨We can produce products of size tolerance including any outer diameter, inner diameter, thickness, cutting angle etc.
Their wear resistance and sharpness are incomparable.£©

¡¡Super-thin saw blade round milling cutter/hobbing
cutter/cutter/super-precise super-hard gasket
¡¡Thickness: T(0.010mm ¡«1.00mmproducts) Treatment hardness HRC50¡ã¡«HRC84¡ãseries products

Mirror grinding super high wear resistant round cutter(Sharpness & high wear-resistance, high impact resistance)

For specially cutting tool: arc

¡ïWe can produce profile circular cutters of multi-angle,sharpness, thickness, inner and out diameter, material,
  and profile according to drawings, samples.