Brazing & solid profile circular face-mill series
(Super high wear-resistant/high impact-resistant application)
Type of material:K10/HSF10/KS301/PS40/PSA5/SSA63/NSA920/VSA221/VWA441/VWA431/ASP60C/SKH57A/SKH55A/SKH4C((Stainless high speed steel)/SKD11/SKD2A
Double-side flute milling cutter Helical-edge milling cutter Set helical milling cutter
Super-thin minisize profile tooth cutter
Super-thin super large milling cutter
Solid profile milling cutter (up to 0.10mm thin) Solid profile angled milling cutter
We can produce profile mill of different profile, number of tooth, angle, precision, material according to drawings, samples. Tolerance of outer diameter and thickness, up to 0.010mm.