Brazing/solid circular saw blade ó˘ (Super high wear-resistance/high impact-resistant application)
How to correctly use saw blades
To exert saw bladesí» best performance, the following points must be strictly followed:
1.The machine shall have good performance, without swinging;
2.The size of flange shall be same, 1/3 of outer diameter of saw blade (Figure 1);
3.The surface of flange shall be level, clean, perpendicular and cross;
4.Washer shall be absolutely perpendicular(Figure 2);
5.Crankshaft shall be level and clean, tolerance shall not exceed h7 (Figure 3);
6.Saw blades shall be cleaned before installation. If there is any resin on the saw body, use thinner to remove, but if saw body is coated with Permashield coating, use hot water to remove, avoid using corrosive solvent.
7.If saw blade is blunt, timely grind it and pay attention to keep original cutting angle of sawtooth.
8.When grinding, select suitable diamond or CBNC grinding wheel and also use cooling fluid.
9.It is suggested that hole enlargement of saw blade shall not be 20mm larger than the original hole, otherwise, the cutting effect of the whole saw blade will be affected.
10.Every time installing, guarantee that flange and washer are clean, and level.
11.Be careful when regrinding tool clearance and saw body. Doní»t operate manually, otherwise, it will cause broken sawtooth and imbalance of saw body.
12.When installing gang saws, pay attention that iron material frame and material table shall be in line with each other.
13.Before cutting, check whether saw blade is installed firmly or not to avoid saw blade skipping on the spindle.