High precision, time proof PCD drill bit for aluminum
◆PCD drill bit-PCD drill bit for light alloy
■ Type EP Specification:
Shoulder PCD drill bit
Type EP suitable to drill tread bottom hole in economical way
■Type OP Specification:
shoulder PCD drill bit
Type OP is good in production cost and characteristics
■Type SP Specification: fork PCD drill bit
Length life time SP suitable to drill high precision hole and for high Si-Al alloy
■Type HP Specification: minor cutting flute specification PCD drill bit
Type HP suitable to drill high efficient (large feed) high precision hole
Type of drill bit Type EP Type OP Type SP Type HP With cooling hole specification
Specification Shoulder Shoulder Fork Minor cutting-edge specification With cooling hole

φ5.0~φ56.0 φ5.0~φ16.0 φ5.0~φ16.0 φ6.0~φ16.0 φ6.0~φ16.0
Drilling depth ~3 ~3 ~3 ~3 ~5
Hole-diameter tolerance grade 8~10级 7 级 6~7级 6~7级 7~8级
Roughness grade 1.2~3.2RZJIS 1.2~3.2RZJIS 1.2~3.2RZJIS 1.2~3.2RZJIS 1.2~3.2RZJIS
·We can produce step and chamfering drill bit or produce in batch according to requirements and size tolerance of drawings, samples
·Sometimes the precision of drilled hole is affected by environment etc, and vary according to cutting conditions, cutting fluid andcutting etc
">·For type HP drill bit of less thanφ12, can't produce internal cooling hole drill bit