CNC super-finish grinding (compound) profile die, finish spindle & wear-resistant parts
(Super high wear-resistant/high impact-resistant application/high precision)
Type of materiaK10/HXF10/NXB10Z/MX11/MX12/PX40/NXA920/VXA201/VWA441/VWA431/ASP60C/SKH57A/SKH55A/SKH51A/SKD11  /VWA441/VWA431

Standard primary-secondary punch
Type A step 3 punch
Special-shaped punch SA
SP/SH hole-punching punch
 Blade profile
Type B inspection punch
Roller punchh
High precision profile tools:
Special-hard punch pin
While using, pay attention to cooling to avoid stick chips at high temperature so as to lower wear-resistance and chip
We can produce special, compound, special-shaped, Super large, Super thin, Super long combined forming products according to requirements of drawings, samples, and size tolerance.