Use of super hard grinding wheel
★.Diamond mould
◆.Select grinding feed according to grain, binder
Select grinding feed according to grinding mode
Grinding tool grain
Grinding feed(mm)
Resin binder
Metal binder
45/50~120/140 0.01~0.015 0.02~0.03
170/200~230/270 0.005~0.01 0.01~0.02
320/400以细 0.002~0.005
Grinding mode Plane grinding
Cylindrical grinding
Grinding feed(mm) 0.005~0.03 0.005~0.015
Grinding mode Plane grinding Cylindrical grinding
Grinding feed(mm) 0.005~0.03 0.005~0.015
◆.Selection of feeding speed
◆.Selection of grinding speed
Grinding mode
Feeding mode
Feed speed
Vertical feed
Internal grinding Vertical feed 0.5~1.1m/min
External grinding Vertical feed 10~15m/min
Plane grinding Vertical feed 0.5~1.5m/行程
Grinding adhesive Cooling mode Speed of grinding wheel(m/s)
Metal adhesive Dry grinding 1015
Wet grinding 15~25
Resin adhesive Dry grinding 15~20
Wet grinding 20~30
When diamond grinding tool is grinding, reasonably using cooling fluid can improve grinding efficiency and machining quality, and reduce consumption of grinding tool and prevent blocking of grinding cutter in the mean time. Therefore, when grinding, try to adopt cooling fluid. Generally cooling fluid adopts kerosene, machine oil, alkalescent emulsification fluid, suds, carbonated water etc, in which kerosene is the best. 。
Water can be used to cool when machining non-metal materials, and the flow is controlled at 3-8/min.
★.CBN grinding tool
◆.Selection of feed when CNB grinding tool is grinding
Grinding adhesive Grinding mode Speed of work-piece Speed of grinding wheel (mm/double journey) Vertical feed
Resin adhesive
External grinding
10~20 30~50 0.002~0.01 0.5~1.0
Plane grinding 3~6 30~40 0.005~0.002 5~10(行程)
Metal adhesive Edge grinding 15~20 0.03~0.05 1.0~1.5
Grinding 20~25 0.01 1.0
CNB grinding tool can be applied for both wet grinding and dry grinding.
Water shall not be used as cooling fluid for wet grinding, because at high temperature CBN is easy to make chemical reaction with water (more than 1000℃) to decompose into boracic acid, so as to aggravate the wear of grinding tool. Besides, the grinding pressure is high when using the cutting fluid that contains water, but the grinding pressure is low when using the grinding oil. Although mineral oil is not good for cooling, it easily pollutes the air and affects the environment. The relative durability of CBN grinding tool is different when grinding using different cutting fluid. Therefore, generally, water-soluble oil is used for cooling.。