Finish grinding profile fixture, jig & mould, wear-resistant parts and accessories, profile cutter
(Super high wear-resistance
/high impact-resistance/high precision)
Type of material:K10/HVF10/PV40/VVA201/VVA221/ASP60C/SKH57A/SKH55A/SKH4C(Stainless high speed steel)/SKH51A/SKD11/SKD2A/SUS316
Special cutter, parts

Long cutting edge for glass fiber

L=180mm¡«6500mm Series

Arc cutter, parts


High hardness board of cutter A

High hardness board of cutter B

Guiding cutter accessories, cutter, profile fixture(Super-long, super-wide)


¡ïwe can produce super long-wide-thick¡¢high precision¡¢complex profiling products according to requirements of
  drawings & samples.
  Length L=5mm~6500mm series, Width B=2mm~800mm series, Thickness T=0.10mm~120mm series,Flatness can be