Reference of front cutting-edge profile of center drill bit/chamfer drill bit/forming drill bit
Type of material£ºK10/HRF10/NRB10£Ú/NRB10/MR11/PR40/PRA5/NRA61/VRA201/VWA441/VWA431/SKH4C/SKH55A/ASP60C/HSS-Co10.5

Drill bit for machining stainless steel

Diamond tungsten steel drill bit for machining high
manganese steel

Multi-tip standard twist drill

Superior chip-split measures on small drill bit
A double-head point angle
B Single-sided secondary point angle
C single-sided chip-split groove
D step edge
E enlarge point angle
F deflecting grinding of drill edge

Regrinding drill bit

Regrinding drill bit

Drill bit with arc bladeMain-cutting oflength(L2)

¡ïWe can also profile and precision grinding machining according to requirements of drawings, samples.