2 flutes step drill,2 sprial flute step drill

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2 flutes step drill,2 sprial flute step drill

P40 US735 T325 AC3000 PR930 JC325 CY250 GC4035 KC250 TN450
STI40T TX40 ST40E PW30 JC450 HC844 GC435 KC720 TN35
        SR30 EX45 S6 KC725M TN35M
        DX35   R4 K420 TTR

(N10  HTI10  TH10  EH10  KG10  K10K313  )
 (M20  GM127  CNX725  RW2110)
(K20  G-10  CYC600  YG6 )
(Super high wear resistance/ high impact resistance/high precision)

Super-hard processing of professional, special, non-standard, special shaped and  new  products with any kind, any shape and tolerance.

If you have any similar inquiry, please fax us your address or call us to get samples in the photos and related catalogue for your reference (only a small amount is allowed).

Super-hard drill bits for high hardness application


For other size specification and special micro-diameter, forming compound tooling, we can process according to drawings or samples.

Machining case: φ8.50 mill diameter (emulsified liquid), SKD11HRC62°,rotation speed 1600r/min, f≤199mm/min,
depth of drilled hole≤2.5*φD(mill Dia.), Precision of processed work piece ≥h9, surface finish more than Ra1.6

Extra hard small diameter: mill Dia. φD φ0.10-φ2.00mm, applicable for machining of quenched steel of HRC≤62° and various high
hard materials, compound materials, the depth of drilled hole ≤6*φD
mill Dia.


HRF 10 (For super high wear-resistant):

Ultra micro-grain quality carbide is ultra high wear resistant, but less impact-resistant.It is applied in mid and low speed light cutting of

 various materials that require ultra high wear resistance. Generally, it is applied in good work condition, stable cutting, good part fixture and

 continuous light-duty machining. Comparing with general tungsten steel, it has 3~5 times more life time. Conforming to ISO K10~K25/P10~P25.

VRA201: Imported ultra micro-grain quality carbide, with excellent impact-resistance and general wear-resistance. Generally applied in worse or general equipment to machine materials of lower hardness HRC≤25°, discontinuous cutting and worse part fixture. Conforming to ISO K25, can replace machining of materials like M42, ASP60, MPM, HSSCo10 etc, and can get 4-6 times lifetime, it has higher performance/price ration. Comparing with SKH51, it has 15-25 times lifetime and durability.

HRF10: ultra micro-grain quality carbide, has excellent wear resistance, but its impact resistance is not so good. It is applicable for medium and low speed cutting of high hardness materials(HRC45°-65°) requiring thermal refining and quenching or for various materials having higher wear resistance and non-ferrous metal. Generally it is applied in good working condition\stable cutting\excellent part fixing and continuous light machining. Corresponding to ISO K10.

ASP60C :

mported ultra high wear-resistant high-grade high cobalt powder steel, quenched:HRC70°±2°, with excellent wear resistance and impact resistance. Comparing with HSSE\HSS-AL and HSSCo, it has 4~8 times lifetime, and can guarantee uniformity and conformity rate of machined products. It is often applied in general equipment for machining various materials including Ni\Cr\Mo\Si\Ti) that are hard to machine like high alloy\heat-resistant alloy\cast iron of nickel-vanadium-titanium alloy\stainless steel. It is excellent machining tool before heat treatment. It has excellent high temperature machining and comprehensive performance, and allows higher cutting speed. The higher the hardness of machined materials, the more remarkable the effect. Because its roughness is not so good, it is not suitable for discontinuous cutting or for using under processing system of insufficient rigidity, otherwise, cutter will be hit or chipping will happen.


super micro-grain diamond tungsten steel, extensively applied, it can be applied in medium speed cutting and finish cutting of various materials with HRC28°. It has excellent impact resistance and general wear resistance, and has extensive application. Generally, it is applied for thicker cutting, discontinuous cutting and bad part fixture. After being coated, it has better result, can machine various materials of HRC50°. Comparing with ISOK20&general tungsten steel, it has 1-2 times lifetime and excellent wear resistance


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