End mill,honeycomb circular blade,Insert for dring hole,Cutter row

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End mill,honeycomb circular blade,Insert for dring hole,Cutter  row
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Super-hard processing of professional, special, non-standard, special shaped and new  products with any kind, any shape and tolerance.
We keep around RMB 8~10 Million turnover stock articles such as raw material ,semi-products, finished products in ordinary year ,we are capable to produce according to drawing or sample provided by customer, so as to present you a favorable cost-performance ratioWelcome to visit our factory.
With excellent rigidity, tooling can conduct highly efficient machining.
. General\high precision product, surface finish≤Ra0.15μm.
2. Adopting advanced power high speed CNC grinder to make high precision profile grinding,it has perfect blade quality & precision tolerance.
3. Inclination\number of flute (2-flute~6-flute)\type of holder\helical angle\flute length\holder diameter\overall length etc can be machined according to requirements.
Note: non-standard, and size will be produced according to the order.
Adopting advanced power high speed CNC grinder from Germany and Switzerland as well as high precision (3DX technology) grinding of high
High-impact-resistant diamond tungsten steel (for intermittent cutting)
High hardness diamond tungsten steel (for high wear resistance) HRF10/SR10T
Tungsten steel meeting ISO standard (for general machining) PR40/PRA5
High cobalt HSCo8(SKH59), ASP60 German standard (DIN) series complete grinding (2-flute~6-flute) end milling
(2-flute~4-flute) ball milling
Type of flute: (standard and non-standard 1-flute~12-flute series mill, reamer): deep groove, round head, end angle R, hollow, oblique flute (tapered), long flute, for aluminum, copper application, chip-dividing groove (for rough mill application)
MRll diameter: (miniature) φ0.10mm---φ53.00mm (solid tungsten steel), φ20.00mm--φ80.00mm (brazing)
Tolerance: (standard and non-standard) tolerance of flute diameter of diamond tungsten steel can be up to ±0.001mm (±1μm) high, and tolerance of holder diameter is more than h6.
Helical angle: 0°,25°,30°,35°,45°,50°,55°,60°
Cold-hard machining replacing grinding can improve precision, hard milling replacing grinding can improve efficiency
(Non-coated diamond steel tooling for high hardness steel machining can replace TiALN coated ultra micro-grain carbide, ceramics. After cutting, CBN tooling has excellent smoothness and lower tooling cost.)
Miniature and profile compound tooling can be machined according to drawing or sample
When placing an order, please indicate: name (flute type)  number of flute  flute diameter  flute length  holder diameter overall lengthtype of shank (inclination)  helical angle  required tolerance

Material to be machined, Type of machining
Super-finish→ finish, semi-finish→ semi-rough, rough machining→ power (heavy) cutting
ultra micro-grain quality carbide, has excellent wear resistance, but its impact resistance is not so good. It is applicable for medium and low speed cutting of high hardness materials(HRC45°-65°) requiring thermal refining and quenching or for various materials having higher wear resistance and non-ferrous metal. Generally it is applied in good working condition\stable cutting\excellent part fixing and continuous light machining. Corresponding to ISO K10.
super micro-grain diamond tungsten steel, extensively applied, it can be applied in medium speed cutting and finish cutting of various materials with HRC28°. It has excellent impact resistance and general wear resistance, and has extensive application. Generally, it is applied for thicker cutting, discontinuous cutting and bad part fixture. After being coated, it has better result, can machine various materials of HRC50°. Comparing with ISOK20&general tungsten steel, it has 1-2 times lifetime and excellent wear resistance
From high-class products (via 6-axis/ 7-axis Blocking CNC-machine Tool (Class-AAA))to medium-class products (via 3-axis/ 4-axis Blocking CNC-machine Tool (Class-D)), different quality and price, our reliable products can replace to first-class products, and we are professional in wholesale, R&D, producing & processing, as well as design revision according to client's designs and samples of special, non-standard, abnormal shape and new products with high cost-performance ratio, also our on-demand service will decrease your comprehensive cost greatly!
Samples: Is it easy to blunt or break or other problems?
LZQ is possessed of cutting-edge & comprehensive production system, as well as rich producing & machining capability with different precision technology, so as to realize high efficiency application.


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