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  • Cooperation


We warmly welcome the companys abroad in the same trade, which have not entered Chinese market, to send us the samples of excellent products, company website, or the contact information, and hopely want to be amutually-beneficial co-operative company.


  • Agent or Dealer


We want to be an agent and dealer of the companys abroad with advanced equipment, technology and high-ended products in the same industry, to broaden the Chinese market-place. With over 20 years rich experience on selling service, we can invest or finance at least $ 2 million at every project. We are confident that we will quickly make a selling net all around the country and get a big market share.


  •  OEM: 


By dint of the advanced & comprehensive producing system and the capability of producing and processing various precise items, LZQ is possessed of rich producing&machining capability with different precision technology. From high-class products (via 6-axis/ 7-axis Blocking  CNC-machine Tool (Class-AAA))to medium-class products (via 3-axis/ 4-axis Blocking CNC-machine Tool (Class-D)), different quality and price, our reliable products can replace to first-class products, and we are professional in wholesale, R&D, producing & processing, (3DX Technology) profile carbide & super-precision grinding, as well as design revision according to client's designs and samples of special, non-standard, abnormal shape and new products with high cost-performance ratio, also our on-demand service will decrease your comprehensive cost greatly!


Your samples(new or old is OK, but should be good at working effection), drawings and consultation will be warmly welcome !


2019年2月28日 10:09