LN Bur 


Application domain: orthopedic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, neurosurgery

Material:   Ultra-high anti-rust and high-hardness stainless steel ,Ultra high rust-proof and high wear-resistant stainless steel, diamond, carbide


LN Bur  P193



Application domain: orthopedic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, neurosurgery


Material:   Ultra-high anti-rust and high-hardness stainless steel Ultra high rust-proof and high wear-resistant stainless steel, diamond, carbide


Products Description


LZQ is an OEM factory for all kinds of medical bur, such as Cutting Bur/Bone File P190, Drill Stopper P31, Drill Bit 096, Abutment/Transfer P25, Bone Saw P250 , Drill Key P47,Endoscopic/Arthroscopic Shaver blade P259, Bone Drill Point P227,etc. We can also produce a whole kit of tools for customers’ surgical cases.

   We use the material of diamond coated, stainless steel and carbide.

   We are capable to produce any burs according to drawings or samples provided by customer with a favorable cost-performance.


- Head diameter : 0.5,1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 7.5 mm, can customize any size according to your specific requirement.
-Shank size: 2.35mm

- Length : 50 ~ 150 mm (depends on item)

Multi-Use Burs, are unmatched in their quality of high and low speed cutting burs. Their uncompromised design provides the ultimate carving versatility - based on their unique cutting geometry.


Regular stock can be processed into edge diameter of Φ0.20~Φ20.0mm series

Carbide butt welded process, edge AA

Can be processed according to the required number of blades



Head cutting edge material:

① High hardness & high wear-resisting carbide (hard alloy) (The general is welded AA)(regular stock)(Solid type can be customized) (HRA90°~94°series).

② High impact resistant & ultra-high wear resistant tungsten steel (carbide) butt welding (AA) (HRA82°~87°series) tungsten steel edge (It can only be customized with big quantity)

  • Super-high anti-rust high wear resistance stainlesssteel series(AA)(HRC54°±2°Section)
  • General anti-rust high wear resistance stainless steel series(A)(HRC56°~64°Section series)